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The Story Teller

Now it is time for me to talk about my role as a Children’s Storyteller. I do my storytelling in Primary Schools, Public Libraries, After-School Clubs, Bookshops and Community Events nationwide. I have been doing so since my first book The True Story of The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf was published back in October 2001.

All the stories I tell are stories I told my own children when they were small. Some of these stories are now in book format. This has enabled me to send them out to my grandchildren (My Magic Little Men and My Magic Little Woman) in the United States.

My storytelling show (The Big Good Wolf Show) is based on my first book The True Story of The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf. I dress up in costume as The Big Good Wolf and I act out the characters in my book. I try to convince the children that I am really a Good Wolf and everything that happened was all the fault of The Three Little Pigs. I blame everything on the them, including the terrible misunderstanding with Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny (that poor misfortunate woman). I explain what really happened to the three houses (I swear I didn’t blow them houses down, it was very windy that day).

It is an all action show with me running around, screaming and shouting, banging into the wall and falling off my imaginary bicycle and rolling around the ground while I tell my stories. In between times I stop and look bemused and bewildered as I try to convince the children that I’m not really a Bad Wolf like The Three Little Pigs keep telling everybody I am.

This show takes about 45 minutes.

2015 Liam Farrell